An Intel survey reveals that older PCs reduce productivity, increase maintenance costs, and can increase security risks


– Small businesses keep their PCs longer than before, which generates significant repair costs that can equal or exceed the cost of new PCs.
– Forty-two work hours are lost when an old PC needs repair.
– Forty-seven percent of small businesses do not know that Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP *.

Employees of small businesses lose an average of more than a week of work per year when working on older PCs, according to a recent study commissioned by Intel and conducted in several countries by Techaisle.

The Intel Small Business PC Refresh Study collected data from 736 small businesses in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russia and the United State, to assess the state of their PC equipment. According to the survey, small businesses tend to keep their older PC well after the recommended renewal date, more than 36% of them have PCs for four years or more. These machines require more maintenance, represent a burden on employee productivity and generate higher cost than those that would occur the purchase of new machinery.

“The purchase of new PC is one of the best choices a small business can make,” according to Rick Echeverria, vice president of PC Client Group and general manager of the Business Client Platform Division of Intel. “PCs are often the foundations of these companies, this survey demonstrates the need to renew them regularly.”


Key findings from the survey:

Older PCs have a negative impact on work performance – On average, employees lose over 21 hours when working on PC four years or more than on newer PCs, because of the need to repair, to maintain and more importantly, to secure. Repairs and maintenance are 1.5 times more frequent on PCs that are over four years old.

Repair costs on older PCs equal or exceed the purchase price of new PCs РSmall businesses spend an average of $ 427 to repair  PCs that are 4 years old or more, or 1.3 times the cost of repairing more recent PCs.

The security risks and other costs will increase in 2014 – Forty-seven percent of respondents in the survey did not know that Microsoft is about to discontinue service support for the Windows XP platform, which represent an additional financial burden for small businesses. With the end of the automatic security updates, data become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

U.S. small businesses are those using older PCs – 8% of U.S. small businesses use PCs for 5 years or more, against 5% globally and 1% in India.


Survey Methodology

The Intel Small Business PC Refresh Study was conducted in April by Techaisle for Intel. 736 small businesses (1-99 employees) based in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russia and the United States completed a questionnaire of 20 minutes. Respondents were senior IT managers, with one based on the number of employees sampled. The results of the Techaisle study are available for download at

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